10 Tools Every Home Owner Needs

10 Tools Every Home Owner Needs

Even if you don’t consider yourself a handy person, having a few tools on hand is important for every home owner. You never know when you might need to screw a cabinet handle back in, hammer down a floor board or tighten a loose pipe until a professional can fix it. Your tool box does not need to be loaded with expensive tools, but there are a few basics that you’ll want to gather up!

1. A hammer

This is something that we all think of but there are many different types of hammers. I remember as a kid, my dad having multiple different hammers. When looking for a hammer, don’t get a framing hammer with a straight back, get a standard one. Hammers all come in different weights. We suggest getting around a 16-ounce hammer.

A comfortable grip is also key when selecting a hammer, you can also find some with vibration dampening coatings. Something else to look for is a flat head rather than a dimpled or checkered.

2. Wrench set

If you’ve tried to put furniture together before, chances are you realize how important a wrench is. An adjustable wrench is handy to have, but also having a small set of standard combination wrenches which have an open and closed end, like a circle with ridges on the inside is important. The reason for this is often you need to hold a bolt on both ends to loosen it. The adjustable wrench will hold one side, the other wrenches will hold the other end.

3. A tape measure

Whereas wrenches and hammers have certain criteria to look for, almost any tape measure will do. A 25’ tape measure is best and is still compact enough. There’s no need to buy a high prices tape measure. Also opting for one with a ¾ inch wide tape is a good idea.

4. A screwdriver set

There are multiple heads for screwdrivers – Philips, flat, hexagon, square, and those who are less handy may not always know what they are looking for. So, when you’re adding a screwdriver to your toolbox, what should you choose?

Either a set or a multi-tip screwdriver will work. Typically, you can find some really good deals on a screwdriver set from Canadian Tire. They have a set that actually includes a multi-tip screwdriver.

5. Pliers

Pliers are one of those things that we often don’t think of but are super handy when it comes to almost everything. Whether you need to manipulate a small object or pull out a staple. There are a few different types of pliers, but you really only need to consider two for a basic tool kit.

You can get a set of pliers, or a good pair of needle nose and something called “linesman” pliers. Those two will do the job 99% of the time. Pliers are worth investing in more of a quality set. The cheaper ones can often break quickly and leave you more frustrated than before.

6. An Allen wrench set

If you’ve ever put together Ikea furniture, chances are you’ve used an Allen wrench that they’ve supplied. They might be one of the most basic tools to have, but are super handy. When buying an Allen wrench set, make sure to buy a combination of both metric and standard. Allen keys can be purchased as either individual hex keys or hinged together like a Swiss Army knife so you don’t lose track of any size.

7. A level

Most times you move into a new home it often involves hanging pictures and artwork on your walls, in which case you’ll want to make sure they are straight. A level can come in handy when setting up furniture as well to make sure the feet are installed at an even height.

When buying a level, don’t buy a discount one as they are often not made the same. A good small 6 to 8 inch level is great. If you want to go up in size, we suggest going for a 2 foot level.

8. A utility knife

As you move in, you’re going to have to open a lot of boxes. A utility knife is the perfect tool! Having a good utility knife on hand will save your scissors and is just safer. Buying a normal size utility knife is important, not one of the miniature ones. It’s also a good idea to keep a pack of extra blades on hand.

9. Flashlight

While most of us have flashlights on our phones, it’s worth it to pick up a good flashlight. Why? The problem is your phone battery will be consumed quickly when using a flashlight in the event of a power outage.

10. A drill or driver

Power tools might be a bit intimidating but having a drill or driver is a good idea for every home. A drill and a driver are similar, however, a driver makes a quick hammering noise when turning. It’s purpose is to make difficult screws much easier. Having both a drill and driver are great, but if you have to make a choice, we suggest defaulting

Whether you’re handy or not, having a good set of basic tools when owning a home is important. In the event that something comes up you have some stuff on hand to deal with it until you’re able to get a professional to come.

If you’re not sure who to call, we have a vetted list of professionals in the area who we can recommend. Simply get in touch with us and we will put you in touch with them!