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Niagara-on-the-lake – What you should know

Niagara-on-the-lake is a popular tourist destination for many in the summer! Home to some of this region’s best wines and offering plenty of stuff to do, Niagara-on-the-lake was once acclaimed the prettiest town in Canada. A quaint spot nestled along the Niagara River and backed by Lake Ontario; Niagara-on-the-lake is a charming village that is located in the heart of the provinces wine country.  […]

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10 Tools Every Home Owner Needs

Even if you don’t consider yourself a handy person, having a few tools on hand is important for every home owner. You never know when you might need to screw a cabinet handle back in, hammer down a floor board or tighten a loose pipe until a professional can fix it. Your tool box does not need to be loaded with expensive tools, but there are a few basics that you’ll want to gather up!  […]

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Rising Interest Rates & What You Should Know

Interest rates are rising. What does that mean for you? For the first time since 2018 the Bank of Canada increased it’s target for the mortgage-influencing overnight rate earlier this year, kick-starting what’s predicted to be one of many increases to mortgage rates in 2022.  […]

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Types of Mortgages & What You Should Know

Picking a mortgage can be a bit of a challenge. Just like choosing a home, there are many options when it comes to selecting a mortgage that is right for your circumstances. In Canada, there are a few different options for residential mortgages. Whether you’re looking for a hybrid or an open mortgage.  […]

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living room accent lighting

Expert Tips For Lighting Your Living Room

comfortable design concept together suited for our living styles. However, we’ve noticed that when it comes to interior design, lighting is often an afterthought. When in reality lighting is something that should definitely be factored into your design layout and décor as soon as possible. […]

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Expert Garden Tips

Spring is here! While the weather might still be a bit questionable these days, it’s the perfect opportunity to start thinking about your spring gardening! Whether you’re looking for lush flower beds bursting with perennials or hoping to grow a vegetable and herb garden for the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to start planning! […]

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